Our Supporters

Sponsors of the Society of Professional Women (SPW) range from Fortune 500 companies, mid-level, small business and even thriving entrepreneurs. Many of our sponsors use this program for the following reasons; to develop, invest and retain their employees via professional development, to entertain clients, to network with new potential clients, align their business with supporting women, and much more.

Our programs are designed to provide invaluable content and cultivate relationships.

Whether you want to grow your business, strengthen your brand, provide professional development for employees or network with the region’s top decision-makers…or all of the above, SPW sponsorship provides ROI. We work together with you to understand your goals and find the best fit for your company. We have opportunities for just about every budget.

To find out more about our sponsorship opportunities, simply contact us!

We also believe that in order to enhance our mission and vision, SPW must align with like-minded organizations to accomplish our goals. We are proud to support those that further our cause.