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The Importance of Maternal Health

Presented By: Hilary Waller, LPC, Director of Programming/Psychotherapy at The Postpartum Stress Center, and a panel of experts, Elizabeth Bland, Director of Main Line Health Women’s Emotional Health Center and Rebecca Fox Starr, Author and Blogger at Mommy Ever After

Thursday, April 23, 2020

We’ll cover the insidious signs of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, ways to advocate for yourself or for loved ones about whom you may be concerned, establishing expectations for treatments, and touch on why this specific topic feels so difficult to
discuss. Content will include PMADs in adoptive families, in non-pregnant partners, scary thoughts, post NICU, and infertility 

Featured Nonprofit: March of Dimes
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How to Listen and be Heard: Inclusive Conversations at Work

Presented By: Alissa Carpenter, M.Ed., Keynote Speaker and Facilitator for Everything’s Not Okay and That’s Okay ®

July 16, 2020

Our workforces are more diverse than ever. Teams are working across geography, generations, and cultures… From virtual spaces and varied mindsets. So how do we achieve authentic understanding in the workplace with so many different people in the mix? It begins with communicating across our differences and with candor.  


But it’s one thing to talk about communicating more effectively, and another to implement strategies—especially during those frantic times in the office when you’re under a deadline, feel pressure, and are addressing issues with people who you don’t always see eye to eye with. According to a study conducted at the University of Kansas, it takes an average of 50 hours to turn an acquaintance into a friend, and 200 hours to make a close friend. Authentic communication and relationship building takes time! It’s essential to understand what communication means in the workplace and how to effectively use this time to build relationships that make a difference.  


Learning Objectives: 

  • Common drivers among the generations in the workforce 
  • Becoming more conscious of diversity (sexual orientation, race, religion, gender, ethnicity, generation, geography) 
  • Communication strategies and best practices to engage in with people different from yourself at work 

Featured Nonprofit: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
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57,600+ Hours of Unplanned Time:
This is NOT Your Typical Retirement Planning Seminar

Presented By: Autumn Nessler, Principal of An Intentional Life, LLC

October 15, 2020

57,600+ Hours of unplanned time is what a woman typically faces in Retirement yet, she puts more time planning a 2-week vacation!! How does a woman begin to even think about that time in their lives and all those unplanned hours? By creating a Non-Financial Retirement Lifestyle Plan. This plan focuses on “What do you need the money for” NOT “How much you need for Retirement”

This is definitely not a traditional “What is my Number” type of retirement planning session. Think it is too soon to think about planning for Retirement? Whether you are years away from Retirement, facing Retirement or already Retired you will benefit by learning about this type of plan. Women are doing these plans 15 years, 10 years, 5 years, and a year out from Retirement and then every year thereafter. Curious? Want to learn more? Join in the discussion!

In less than 60 Minutes You will Learn about…
– Women’s vs. Men’s Retirement
– 5 Reasons you need a Non-Financial Retirement Plan
– 6 Life Arenas to be Included in Your Plan
– 7 Questions a Non-Financial Retirement Plan answers

Featured Nonprofit: Help Hope Live

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