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Reigniting Your Passion During Times of Uncertainty

Thursday, May 20, 2021
Entrepreneur, Podcast Host and Motivational Speaker Mazda T. Miles

Blasting back after (or during) times of uncertainty is easier said than done. Most of us are looked to for confidence, comfort and strength. What do you do when you are yourself seeking those same things? What do you do when your fire wanes and you’re not quite sure if it’s just smoldering or completely out? Here’s a hint: a lighter and some accelerant can turn even the tiniest spark into a FLAME. As an award-winning entrepreneur, self-described “professional fire starter” and motivational speaker (best known for her Weekday Morning Pep Talks on social media), Mazda incites thousands of women daily to not only survive, but THRIVE by awakening and igniting the best version of themselves.

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Journey To The Boardroom

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Moderator: PWC Office Managing Partner Deanna Byrne

Drexel University Directors Academy Interim Director Alyssa Abbott

The Forum of Executive Women Member, Women In Leadership Vice Chair Melissa Ludwig

Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia Executive Director Keisha Jordan

As calls for diversity in all aspects of business have increased in recent years, Boards of Directors are no exception. Many professionals navigate their way into nonprofit board service roles that enhance their professional development and leadership skills. Some are able to secure paid board of directors’ roles with private and public companies that are increasingly being measured for gender and racial diversity. But who gets these coveted seats and how? The Society of Professional Women is teaming up with the Forum of Executive Women and Drexel University Directors’ Academy for a panel discussion that will enlighten attendees on the value of nonprofit board service at the highest levels while lifting the veil on the lucrative world of compensated board opportunities.

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