She-Suite Leadership Workshop

Perform At Your Potential:
Create Your 90 Day Success Plan

Would you benefit from a day that allows you to get your life together? If you don’t feel like you’re consistently productive this workshop is for you. In this session, Jamila Payne, CEO & Author of Daily Success Routine ( is going to show you how to make more money and have more time by creating a powerful work routine without stressing, wasting time and feeling all over the place. Each attendee will leave with their own personalized 90-day action plan and a Daily Success Routine planner to help you stay accountable.

You’ll learn how to:

-Plan accurate project time to get more done without working crazy hours.
-Make self-care a regular part of your weekly schedule.
-Setup three work systems that allow you to be more productive.
-Start your day with a morning practice and know exactly what to work on.
-Create a routine for accomplishing your dreams and goals consistently.

But that’s not all. As an additional bonus to help you get your life in order, Lord & Taylor will share a coffee chat on how to go from a successful day at the office look to a fun evening look. Learn how to mix and match pieces with proper layering and accessories. By the end of the morning, you’ll feel more confident about how to be productive, stick to your plans and look good while doing it.

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