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How to Get Your First Few NEW Clients in 2014

By: Kelly Roach

photo(6)How can you quickly and easily get those first few new clients on the books for 2014 to drive the income growth you want and need?

Here is a quick start action plan to get you going:

1. Spend time selling and marketing daily. It’s so simple it seems silly but the reason most businesses struggle is that they don’t actually spend time on a daily basis connecting with their target market in a compelling way.

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As a Business Growth Catalyst, Kelly Roach has helped hundreds of individuals rapidly grow their businesses and multiply their incomes. Kelly teaches business owners proven and profitable strategies to skyrocket their sales, increase their profits and become a true industry leader. By teaching business leaders how to implement strategy and systems in their business, Kelly takes the guess work out of creating rapid, sustainable growth without compromising your quality of life.


Why Philadelphia needs more risk-taking angels

gloria-rabinowitz-1-304SPW’s October 2013 moderator Gloria Rabinowitz wrote a great piece about angel investors in the Philadelphia Business Journal! Gloria talks about the importance of angel investors and how in 2012 women angels represented only 21.8% of the angel market, a large increase from 2011 when they represented only 12.2%. Women-owned ventures accounted for 16% of the entrepreneurs that were seeking angel capital in 2012, while 25% of these women entrepreneurs did receive angel investment in 2012 according to Forbes.

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3 Trademark Resolutions Every Business Owner Needs To Make (And Keep)


Many of us have started 2014 with resolutions to make healthier choices, but have you considered resolutions for your business? The story of Mad Dogg Athletics may inspire you to work out your business’s trademark protection and enforcement plan. You may be familiar with indoor cycling classes, which have become a fitness sensation. What you may not know is that one company owns the right to use the term “spinning” in connection with providing training and instruction for indoor cycling.

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6 Awesome Social Media Blogs the Bad Rhino Team Loves

bad rhino

It’s the last day of 2013, and we’re very thankful for all of the people that make the Bad Rhino Rumblings blog what it is. From our own Rhinos to our awesome team of social media bloggers, and, of course, our loyal readers, we want you to know that we appreciate every comment, tweet and Facebook share that our posts generate.

With that being said, the Bad Rhino team has a few resourceful social media blogs bookmarked, and we would like to share those with you today. From basic social media strategy tips to SEO best practices, we hope you enjoy the six blogs featured below and find their content valuable.

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What do great managers have in common?

Successful managers have several things in common: they’re great listeners, mentor their people, and support their employees. Check out the great article from Forbes about it here!

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Hotaling Investment Management, LLC


Why are we women so brilliantly communicative? This study discovered that women have many more powerful communication links between the two hemispheres than men. The connections between right and left let women’s brains “more easily integrate the rational, logical, verbal mode of thinking and the more intuitive, spatial, holistic mode of thinking,” Hotaling and his expert women advisors can help you hone these unique skills into successful, long term investing for you and your family. Click here to continue reading!

Hair Commercial Portrays Gender Labels

I ran across this commercial while browsing the internet about gender labels! This Pantene commercial from the Philippines shows a man and woman performing the same tasks and how society sees them. In only a minute, the ad effectively challenges gender biases. See the great commercial and the article here!

Bruce Hotaling Takes on Queen of Tuscany: Cycling L’Eroica

By: Bruce Hotaling, Hotaling Investment Management LLC

Hotaling-Investment-ManagemTuscany, as you may well know, is home to many superlatives: wine, olive oil, endlessly rolling hills, azure blue skies, historic small towns, famous artists, and of course cycling roads. In October, I flew to Florence and met up with a group of cyclists, and a tour company called inGamba. Our plan was to watch the World Championship Road Race, spend a week on our bikes, and close out the week with the L’Eroica. L’Eroica is a one day ride with roughly 5000 cyclists. Put simply, it is a celebration of the strade bianche, the “white roads” of Tuscany.

Gaiole, in Tuscany’s northern reaches, is the starting point for the L’Eroica. Our inGamba group set off on our vintage bicycles, brakes screeching and headlights piercing the predawn pitch black. Luckily, the rain had stopped sometime during the night and there were a few stars showing.

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